Monday, October 25, 2010

It's the Little Things That Matter

Rainy days (like today) when I can stay in my flannel pants.

A cup of tea that is just the right temperature.

A book that I just can't bear to put down.

Two lovely kitties to cuddle with.

Really, really cute finds on

My Husband...

... who will be home in 2 hours and 48 minutes. (not that anyone's counting)


What are the little things that matter in your life?


  1. The time when I have no obligations to hold... Late at night when I'm free to do the things I like best, and can find inspiration from the day. I can sit and draw for hours on end and have no feeling of regret for it! Or siting on the couch with five of my most plushy blankets and a selection cushy pillows. When it snows outside and I will take comfort in an interesting book. Those are the little things that matter in my life!

  2. Beautiful and eloquent! Those are wonderful little things! Thanks for posting!

  3. My first cup of coffee early in the morning along with the local newspaper are two little things I can't do without. I've tried doing without the coffee (not very often!) but I just can't make it through the day! I've been a newspaper "Junkie" ever since I was a child and waited for the daily paper to be delivered so I could read the "funny pages". Now, I always try to read the local paper. It provides a wonderful insight to what people are thinking wherever you happen to be. (Much better than USA Today!)


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