Thursday, October 14, 2010

a Day in the Life of Our Cats: Part 1

Meet Misty...
And Stormy...
... our lovely kittens!

They start out their morning by eating the same breakfast day after day... Cat Chow... YUM!
And then the follow me into the bathroom and watch me brush my teeth and hair and put my makeup on.
Clearly they think I'm fascinating... ;)

And then it's time to play in the sunlight that streams through our porch door.

Their favorite toys include a hacky sack and an old ethernet cable! They are so easily amused!

Directly following the playing in the sunlight comes the resting in the sunlight... sometimes it's difficult to determine where one pastime ends and the other begins!

Here is Stormy staring at the fridge. Why? Do not ask me! She's crazy like that!

Sometimes they curl up together on the floor or couch...

... but most of the time they sleep separately...
... insanely cute... right?

a Day in the Life of Our Cats: Part 2 coming soon!

Hope you enjoyed this first day of my PhotoBlog! This is something I hope to do periodically in addition to my regular recipe posts! I take a bazillion pictures a day anyway and so I figured that I should do something with them beside just letting the sit idle on my hard drive! Hope this is something that will interest you... let me know what you think!


  1. I love it!!! I really like the photos you took!!! XD
    P.S. I noticed you forgot the Y in they on the 4 picture... Just wanted to let you know!

    Love you! <3
    ~Lil sissy

  2. Your cats are beautiful! And they sound a lot like my puppy -- she enjoys all the same activities (including watching my every step), and her favourite toy even happens to be a hacky-sack. I've been told that her breed (papillon) has a lot of cat-like characteristics, so I'm not surprised.

    Aren't pets such a blessing?

    Your photography is also beautiful. I love the black-and-white.

  3. Thank you "Zarana" ;) I fixed the "y"! Thanks for catching that!
    See you tonight!
    Love you too!

    Kathleen! I cannot tell you how very honored I am to have you comment on my blog!!! It made my morning!
    Pets are indeed a huge blessing! :)

  4. They are adorable Raeanne! Such a cute post. Can't wait for your next post!

  5. i can't get over how perfectly poised they are sitting on top of your loo. it's like you have managed to train them to sit and pose perfectly still. you have done a good job with them. they are very cute.


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